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Various Uses Of Alumunium Composite Panels

The Aluminum Composite Panel or better known as the ACP is one of the crucial inventions of the mankind, used at length in architecture and construction. Mainly two aluminum sheets joined with the help of polyethylene core, the material is durable, sturdy and could withstand a heavy punishment. For these reasons, the Aluminum Composite Panels are considered ideal for variety of applications for interior, exterior decorations, construction and several other things. Due to its multi-purpose functionality the Aluminium composite panels supply in India has been increasing over the years. For what ACP Panels are actually used? We’ll find out about them in details below:


Thanks to its high durability, ability and strength, for withstanding extensive wear and tear; the ACP Panel is used mostly as cladding in interior as well as external architecture. Due to its properties, the end result of the construction which is cladded with the Aluminum Composite Panel is much more durable and stronger. It extends the lifespan of the structure, and since aluminum is a lightweight metal, it’s easy in handling and installing. Because of its strength, easy handling and durability; Alumunium Composite Panels are the one of the most sought after cladding material for both the internal as well as the external structures.


Often in offices, we find cubicles and rooms being split into reduced spaces. The material which is used for making these partitions are ACP Panels. Due to the ease of handling and ease of use, it is one of the perfect materials for making partitions; If it is later decided to do away with the partitions and increase the space, it could be done easily because these Panels are lightweight and easy to handle. You just need to unscrew the rivets or screws and move them to wherever you might want. ACP in India is also cheaper than most of the variants and in view of its weight, durability, low cost, and ease of use, it is widely used in the construction world.

False Ceilings:

Apart from offering appealingly attractive sight indoors, false ceilings helps in maintaining the temperature too. Hence, the ACP panels are used for creating false ceilings as they are comprised of polyethylene core that acts as an heat-proofing agent for regulating the heat. The aluminum sheet on the outside offers durability that increases the lifespan of the material when compared to other materials which are available for similar purposes.


Manufacturing of outdoor signs is one of the primary functions and uses of the ACP Panel. As the sign is used for displaying outside where it has to withstand the temperature changes and impact of harsh weather, it needs to be created out of material that could bear such harsh conditions; and hence, the Alumunium Composite Panels are used for the same. These Panels are weather resistant and could undergo heavy climate changes without losing the properties and shape. Hence, Aluminum panel sheets supply for outdoor signs is on the high.

Isn’t aluminium panel sheet highly versatile.


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