Alluminium Panels

Safeguarding Modern Skyscrapers With Fire-Resistant Metal Composite Panels

Due to the mounting safety concerns with respect to fire incidents, particularly the building facade blazes globally, fire retardant metal composite panels have found an important place in the architecture and construction industry. Experts have continuously pointed that using flammable composite facade panels are the primary reason for the rapid spread of fire across the buildings. While talking about the fire resistance for exterior cladding, Mirror finish aluminum panels are an inevitable fixture and are a symbol of today’s bustling landscape worldwide.

The fire performance of Metal composite panels on the facade of the buildings are extremely crucial now; the recent global fire happenings have intensified the responsiveness of ACPs creating concerns with respect to the safety of the occupants, as well as loss of property. The ability of these fire retardant metal composite panels to mitigate the risk triggered by fire is increasingly significant as advanced design-oriented goals of energy efficiency requirements and sustainability have emerged. Today, the building facilities face a challenge for responding to the movement of air, heat, and water over building lifespan.

Still, not all the Metal composite panels are manufactured with the fire-resistant core as an option. And in several countries, these restrictions are very new and not applicable to buildings which have been constructed previously, which result in disastrous fires could like those seen in Dubai. Thus, It has been our concern to understand and educate ourselves and our customers about building science and fire protection engineering for better understanding the dynamics of the various components of a building envelope. Also, our active involvement in the aluminum composite panel industry keeps us on the forefront of testing and development.

Transparency within our manufacturing team is supreme for managing to sell the right products for the right applications. We appreciate the life safety issues which might be at stake and it inspires us for looking at each and every of our products critically. The fundamental element to our accomplishment, though, is through continuous learning and development. We have been meticulously working with the design community and building industry, assisting them in understanding the correct applications of aluminium composite panels, and also understanding the relevant fire test standards and building code.

At Eurobond, we believe that only products which show conformance to fire test standards and building code should be permitted to be used in a high-risk and high-rise construction.

Eurobond has been very conscientious to experiment, successfully, several different metal composite panels for meeting the requirements of the Architects, design community, contractors and building owners. They could now demand only products which show conformance to all material test criteria as required and Eurobond can meet those expectations. Eurobonds Mirror finishes aluminum panels are exceptionally light, rigid, flat and strong. They look better and also last longer as compared to other composite panels or solid metal. They offer superior flatness, durability, vibration damping, and ease of maintenance.


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