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Fire retardant panels are basically composed of two layers or thin panels of Aluminum metal laminated on both the sides of a mineral-filled core of plastic. These panels combine economically reasonable structures with amazing designs. The metal panels are used for making facades, firewalls, roofs, and doors. The fire retardant panels provide the strength of heavy-gauge metals packed in a lightweight material. These are easy to fabricate with the help of normal wood and metal working tools and equipment.

These are perfect materials for making partition walls, roofs, façades and other architectural covering applications that need the use of a fire-retardant panel. The fire retardant panels deliver a good deal of flatness, reduced vibration, and high durability. These panels need very easy maintenance and offer great architectural beauty. The panels are capable of surviving a good amount of building movements and exposures to weather changes.

The fire retardant panels are:

Ø Fire resistant: The metal composite panels have an outer sheet of Aluminum and an inner layer of the fire-resistant plastic core. This structure makes it highly resistant to fire. These are considered as smokeless and produce no harmful gasses.

Ø Great strength: The fire retardant metal panels are made up of high-quality Aluminum that has great strength. These can withstand great wind pressure and are shock proof in nature.

Ø Smooth and shiny surface: The outer appearance of the metal panels is excellent. They are very smooth and shining offering beautiful look.

Ø Easy handling: These panels are lightweight and easy to cut and give shapes. These can be easily bent to form any desired shape and form.

Ø Excellent look: The new patterns and designs formed with these metal panels and their shiny and glossy look makes them an attractive thing and offer a perfect look.

The fire retardant (FR) panels are particularly used in places where weight is a major concern. These panels offer a product line that is attractive in appearance and also possess features like stability and light weighted. In many places handling weight is a key priority. The products used in the interiors are replicated with a strong prominence on the design and durability of the architecture but all this is needed at a much less weight. And, the FR panels are the perfect answer to this.

Another important adaptability of FR panels is its waterproof membrane. These panels are also used with construction sealants at the joints of the panels. This is because these panels will be able to drain any water leakage that might occur at the joints.

Engineers advise that these metal panels must be erected as per the approved set of construction drawings and fix the panels securely according to the engineering recommendations. This will allow more certainty for the thermal movement and structural support features. It is recommended not to install the component parts that are found to be defective during the installation of the fire retardant panels. The defects may include panels that are distorted, hunched, dented, worn out and broken.


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