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Metal composite panels (or MCPs) are layered metal sheets that are used for the exteriors and interiors of buildings. The MCPs are formed by the process of bonding of two metal skins with a core of plastic placed between them. These are the latest building blocks of modern architecture. MCPs provide durable and eye-catching outlook to buildings and towers. The MCPs can be used to successfully get the desired look of a construction that will have long lasting impression.

The metal panels are widely opted for these days because of their non-absorbent and water insensitive features. Hence, these are resistant to rusting, swelling, and corrosion. The architects and builders are changing their choices and outlook with the changing times. Today, one of the newest things used for construction are these metal composite panels. This is used in the exterior and interior of tall buildings, hospitals, malls and towers. They are also used because they take the desired shape as per the cut and form of the structure.

These panels have brought comfort and ease to the builders and designers of buildings. These MCPs are flexible enough to mould and get adjusted into any geometrical shape and form. They are very easy to maintain.


The key characteristic features of these panels are:-

· They require trouble free maintenance

· The shelf life of MCPs is much longer than the traditional tools used

· They can take almost all desired shapes

· They come in multiple lengths and widths

· The sheets of these panels can be cut and joined to create any length

Indeed they are a revelation!

Another benefit of these sheets is that they are consistent. Also, neither do they shrink nor do they change shapes. This is because the skin of these panels is bonded under tension to the core. That is why they stay balanced.

There was a time when these metal panels were used only for high tech buildings and when people invested heavy money. Well! The times have changed and now any may afford them. The advancements in the below mentioned genres of construction have made the use very creative:-

· Development in the efficiency of manufacturing

· The way these sheets are installed

People were not educated well about its uses and benefits as well. But, now they are. This knowledge factor has made people start to enquire about it.

Additional cost saving features:

These panels keep their luster and look maintained for years. That is why you need not even think about getting them changed for nearly two decades. Glass and precast panels are the new areas where they are brought to use.

a- Lesser time needed

These panels do not take much time to get installed and take the shape of the required geometric design very fast. This feature makes them use lesser time of the labor at job. This means lesser weight on your wallet.

b- Protective layer

These panels cover your buildings exceedingly well. They work like an envelope against air and water infiltration. To be precise here- your building is protected against all odds, be it man-made or natural. Be good and stay safe.

c- Environment safe

These panels have proved their mettle and are called environmentally safe.


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