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Fire retardant is a substance that decreases the flammability of fuels or delays their combustion. This includes chemicals, but may also include substances that work by physical action, like cooling of fuels, fire-fighting foams, and fire-retardant gels. Fire retardants may also be coatings applied to an object, such as a spray retardant. Fire retardants are commonly used in firefighting.

These are only for small fire accidents. When talking about a whole building these fire retardants cannot serve the purpose. Thus, as a result, fire retardant ACPs were introduced. ACP is a sandwich panel of LDPE (Low – Density Polyethylene)and HDPE(High-Density Polyethylene) core between the two aluminum skins, 70% LDPE and 30% HDPE.

The major problem in the world is that those elements that are designed specifically to diminish the fire are invariably left out or not actually installed properly.Engineers show how perimeter fire sealants were often not installed correctly along floors and behind columns. The non-flammable seals installed between floor slabs and in the front of building help to prevent the flow of hot gasses.

Managing partner of Britannia International, a fire engineering company, David O’Riley said, “The design is put together to prevent a fire, or to prevent the fire from getting into the front.”

Over the past four years, there has been a renewed focus on safety in Dubai after four major fires at towers in the Emirate. The blazes were reportedly powered by combustible aluminumpaneling.

On July 20, 2016, there wasthe most recent blaze, at the 75-storey Sulafa Tower in Dubai Marina. Another blaze was on March 28, 2016, inwhich dozens of flats were destroyedin the Ajman One development.

Engineers say that these all fire incidents can be avoided to a great extent or the damages incurred can be reduced by the use of ACPs. ACPs have the tendency to reduce the flames under tough conditions. They are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

According to Andy Dean, the head of facades for the Middle East at WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, awareness of a building’s fire safety strategy and periodic maintenance of safety mechanisms is crucial.

The first thing that every building should have is a fire safety strategy. This shows how the building works to prevent fires and how the building works to minimize human and property loss in the event of a fire.Proper implementation is also important for insulation coverage and thermal assessments of ACPs in a building for fire safety assurance.


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