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Give A New Look To Your Interiors With These Surface Materials

In the changing times people have started to give a lot of importance to the appearance of their homes, offices, showrooms and business places. Studies in past years have shown that the ambiance and look of the interiors have a lot of impact on the mood and productivity of the people working or living over there. From marketing point of view also, brands see that the ambiance and look of the interiors have an impact on the purchasing pattern of the customers.

Surface material plays a vital role in enhancing the look of the interiors of any place. After paint, the most common material used since ancient times are stones like marble and granite. In recent times there have been a lot of innovations in the surface materials. The new age surface materials are easy to transport, less bulky, easy to work with and give a wide option of colour and texture to the user.

We will discuss some of the surface materials in this article are:

Corian – Introduced by DuPont Corian is fast gaining popularity. It gives the look of Marble stone but is very easy to work with. It moulds seamlessly on edges and comes in a variety of colours. Corian is used to surface floors, walls, counter tops and is also used to make artefacts.

It gives a very classy look to the interiors of any establishment and is popularly used in offices, commercial complexes and large showrooms.

Metal Composite Panels – They are a form of Aluminium Composite Panels or ACPs with metal finish on them. Among the wide range of ACPs they are one of the most popular and best Aluminium Composite Panels in India. Metal composite panels are used as a surface material on the interiors of walls and outside façade of the building. The lightness and easy implementation of the material has gained it the reputation of the best aluminium composite panels in India.

Pebble resin surface material – This material has got the look of natural stones but it is flat and smooth on the surface. Pebble resin surface material is used a counter tops, basins, furniture and fixtures. It gives a very vibrant look to the interiors of home and shops, it’s used in.

Lumicor – It is an organic material that takes sea grass, wood veneer and metal mesh encased in plastic. It can be used in countertops, windows, light fixtures, doors, partitions and light fixtures. It appears to be a mix of organic and modern styles with lot of possibilities.

The innovations in surface materials have given a new dimension to the beauty of modern day establishments. They have thrown open a wide range of possibilities with exterior looks of a building and interior designing.


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